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I was hooked and it was a huge improvement

Each treatment has exceeded my expectations beyond what I could have hoped for. Working with Tanya, I feel like I am an active member in my health care.
The results are unreal.

I went to Tanya when I was experiencing extreme burnout from stress. Full disclosure, 10 years previously I’d also had a motor vehicle accident that I’d considered myself healed from. While there were still lingering issues with my muscles and joints, especially my hips and lower back, I was better than the western medicine doctors had expected, and was as good as I was going to get, largely in part due to a team including physiotherapy, massage, chiropractic care, change in diet and more. I’d already tried everything I knew how to do; creating a schedule, meal planning, getting out in nature, seeing friends and family, going to my family doctor, and while things were getting better, I was feeling stuck, like there was more I could do to get there faster… while that’s part of the ‘how’ I got into this situation, it’s also totally me, I love going at 200 miles an hour.

I promised myself to go the appointment with an open mind, even though I’m terrified of needles, I’d done acupuncture in the past, and while it hadn’t
been ‘amazing’ it hadn’t hurt either.

I walked into the office, and it was soothing right from the beginning. The staff is friendly and focused on making you comfortable. I had filled out the forms and waited to meet Tanya. It took less than 5 minutes after meeting her for the first time for me to feel comfortable that me, and my health were in good hands with Tanya.
I felt heard, I felt like there was help, and hope to get off the ‘crazy train’ because at this point my body and I were not getting along, and I knew I couldn’t continue for much longer.

The first session, I walked in a ball of stress, internally vibrating, but by the time I left the office I felt like I was able to breathe again. Literally. I hadn’t realized how shallow my capacity to breath had been before, because now I could take a full breath, I didn’t feel short of breath. I was calmer on the inside.
While there was still a long way to go, I was no longer vibrating.

The second session, I was a bit of a mess due to a poor sleep, a sore hip, low muscle control in my mid back and glutes (that had been standard for the past 10 years and I thought it was just normal now), and suffering from allergies.

For my allergies I need to state that my sinuses were always inflamed, and I had more mucus than any one person should be able to produce in a year, never mind overnight. It was to the point that I was living for when I could take my next allergy pill and using a Nedi pot daily just for a little relief, there was no hope of breathing through my nose, especially not since it was spring.

Allergies were up until this point, year-round, but worse in the spring. Tanya asked what I wanted to focus on, how I was feeling and then did her magic. She explained as much or as little as I wanted for each point, so I felt like I knew what was happening and was comfortable and felt safe and always taken care of.
I left that visit able to breathe through my nose (after using about a box of Kleenex) and have not been nauseous or sick since, which is life changing for me. Over the next few days the effects of the treatments continued and the tightness in my lower back decreased as did the knots in my glutes. While the muscles are weak, I can now control them!!!! Between the change in both my lower back/ hip and sinus/ nose for breathing, my sleep has improved, as I no longer breathe threw my nose while I sleep (I don’t snore anymore either), nor do I toss and turn.

The third session was a boost for my allergies, I was hooked and it was a huge improvement, but I felt it could be better and mentioned this to Tanya, she asked a few more questions then started the treatment. During the treatment she checked in at every needle so make sure I was okay with it and again would happily explain if I asked a specific question.


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