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Initial Acupuncture Assessment 

This session is an hour and a half (90 mins)

In this session, we will go over your intake form, and then you will receive your first acupuncture treatment.

When you book your Initial Acupuncture Assessment, please check your email to find your Acupuncture Intake Form.

This form is to be filled out online before your Initial Acupuncture Appointment.

Fee: $175


Follow Up Acupuncture Treatment

Your Follow Up Acupuncture Treatment is one hour (60 mins)

At the beginning of this appointment, we will briefly talk about how you have been feeling regarding your health concerns.

You will then receive your acupuncture treatment.

Fee: $115


Dr. Tanya offers:

  • Acupuncture
  • Auricular medicine 
  • Cupping
  • ElectroAcupuncture
  • Gua Sha
  • NeuroAcupuncture
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine


Direct Billing

Dr. Tanya has access to direct billing for many insurance companies.

Please check with your insurance company to see if your insurance provider allows direct billing.

Also,it is worth noting that some insurance providers require a doctor’s note to see an Acupuncturist.


What to expect

Dr. Tanya is warm and welcoming.

She will take the time to go over your intake form with you, asking clarifying questions and giving you the time to talk.

It is important to her that you feel seen and heard, and feel your health concern have been properly addressed.

The first part of your Initial Acupuncture Appointment is spent going over the intake form together.

She will ask clarifying questions and if necessary, do physical test such as palpating your body (with consent) or having you bend or move.

When your assessment is complete, you will get comfortable on the massage table and receive your first treatment.

Dr. Tanya is a Trauma Informed practitioner, and she works hard to see that you are comfortable.

Tanya has training in multiple styles of acupuncture. This allows her to adjust her treatment style depending on what works best for your body and your health concern.

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