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The amount of daily stress we all experience has increased astronomically over the last few years. 

Acupuncture is highly effective at balancing our bodies and reducing our stress response so that we feel more in control of our emotional states.

Acupuncture is not talk therapy, it can actually be considered one of the first somatic therapies. Acupuncture points are used to balance the body, relieving both physical/mental and emotional stress.

When our systems are dysregulated, we feel like we have less ability to control our emotions and our stress can leak out into all aspects of our lives. 

When our bodies are out of balance, things in our day-to-day experience that previously didn’t affect us can become completely overwhelming. 

Dr. Tanya can help you understand what it feels like to have your nervous system in balance. This allows you to quickly identify when your body becomes burdened with stress. Allowing you to be thoughtful in making changes or seeking treatment to help regulate your state and having more balance in your life.

This helps to discover autonomy over your own health and is one of Dr. Kelloway’s greatest joys.

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