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She is genuinely committed to helping people

I have been seeing Dr. Kelloway over the past five plus years for various issues including anxiety, ENT issues and arthritis. I have found the acupuncture  treatments to be very helpful and effective, particularly as it relates to reducing stress and feelings of anxiety. Dr. Kelloway is a very knowledgeable, kind and empathetic person. She is genuinely committed to helping... Read more »

She is always a safe place to turn when my nervous system is on high (or low) alert

I have had treatments with Dr. Kelloway regularly over the past few years. She is always a safe place to turn when my nervous system is on high (or low) alert. Her treatments are always specific to me in that moment and she is able to adjust based on what comes up for me. She has used needles and cupping

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If you’re wondering if you should book an appointment, the answer is YES!!

Before seeing Tanya, I spent 2 YEARS in physio after a car accident. I had to go back every 10 days or I would get awful headaches. But after a handful of treatments with Tanya, the issue was gone and has never come back. She is a wizard when it comes to treating pain and stress. I can literally feel

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Thanks to Dr. Kelloway I got my life back

I spent years trying different medications for relief of extreme hot flashes with no success. Then I was referred to Dr. Kelloway and she changed my life. After hearing my story she nailed down an effective treatment plan which is a combination of acupuncture and diet. This plan has dramatically minimized and controls my symptoms. Thanks to Dr. Kelloway I

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