• Stress, Anxiety, Fatigue, Cancer Support

    "It has been a privilege to meet Dr. Kelloway. She is very talented and skillful. She approaches her practice with compassion, enthusiasm and knowledge. She spends as much time as needed with her clients. Her passion for what she does is infectious. And it works. I started seeing her after a cancer diagnosis. She treated me with acupuncture for stress, anxiety and fatigue. I recovered from surgery very quickly as a result. I got badly burnt from radiation treatment. After 2 treatments, the burning and swelling were gone and the discoloration was fading. This was after other doctors told me there was nothing they could do. Wrong. Acupuncture does work. I would recommend it to anyone undergoing cancer treatment. Acupuncture won’t cure cancer but in the capable hands of someone like Dr Kelloway, the side effects can be alleviated. I am grateful to have met such a warm and caring person. A real treasure."

I am so thankful to help so many … I learn so much … the fact that I get to do this everyday is unbelievable. Seeing people make permanent changes in their lives and become active participants in their health is amazing. Thanks to those who share their stories below.

Feedback from our patients

Jeff Lofgren review testimonial Dr Tanya Kelloway acupunctureJenn Lofgren

She sought to complement my Western medical choices to speed my laryngitis recovery

"Just a little note to thank you for your amazing treatments to pass on to your clients and colleagues to share the impact you have on your patients and those around you. Last week, I was suffering from acute laryngitis and met with Tanya at a business function. Laryngitis is particularly crippling for me in my line of work as I do a lot of speaking throughout my day and is an issue I have suffered with 2-3 times per year and find very frustrating. Tanya was not only sympathetic; she has a passion and approach to life that helped me laugh at my own situation. Tanya asked about my treatment so far and then recommended some Chinese herbs to help. She assessed how much time I had in my day and recommended that we head over to her clinic right away as she had an “opening”. Not only did Tanya make sure I had the appropriate herbs to treat my laryngitis, she provided me with probiotics to ensure I wouldn’t have issues after completing the antibiotics recommended by my doctor and also performed a needling treatment to speed my progress. She in no way put down my medical choices to see a regular Western medical doctor and take antibiotics, instead she sought to complement my choices and speed my recovery. She went out of her way to help me by treating me during her mid-day client break and ensured I was well on my way so that I wouldn’t be late for my next client meeting. Shortly after my client meeting, I realized that Tanya didn’t charge me for my treatment, only for the herbs and probiotics! Later that same day, she emailed me to check on me and offered additional support should I need more help. When I mentioned that she didn’t charge me for the treatment, she simply said it was her pleasure to help. I can tell you that I did have more voice for my client meeting only ten minutes post treatment and first round of Chinese herbs. Having suffered from this many times before, my recovery time was less than half with Tanya’s treatment and recommendations. I can honestly say that I will forever be a client of Dr. Kelloway’s with this being my first experience as her patient. Thank you Tanya for your support, wisdom and joyful approach to your client’s health."
testimonial-sharon-francisSharon Francis

After one session, you literally saved my husband's life

"How can I begin to thank you? You are not only a wonderful caring person who is amazing at your job but you’re a life saver too. Helping my daughter Stacey with her eczema was wonderful. You went above and beyond by continuing to treat her and shipping herbal supplements to her in England. Helping me with my health concerns of late gave me more love and admiration for you. You have been like a breath of fresh air to me when I was feeling tired and defeated by my ailment. I am feeling so much better after only a few sessions. Thank you! My biggest thank you could never be enough. You saw my husband and after one session you literally have saved his life. Western medicine has spent years telling Kevin his knees are beyond repair and both need replacing. This we have grown to accept but as he is only 45 years old we were holding off for as long as possible. The swelling in his right leg has become a problem and the suggestion from you that Kevin may have a blood clot encouraged him to press his GP to explore the swelling further. Later that day in an emergency ultrasound the results proved you right. Your wisdom, insight and caring has literally saved my husband’s life and for that I can never thank you enough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Elyshia P acupuncture testimonial review Dr Tanya Kelloway acupunctureElyshia P.

You have made such an amazing impact on my health

"Before meeting you, I thought that waking up with a completely numb arm was a sign of a stroke. I would wake up terrified not knowing what was going on or what to do. The numbness would go away and my fears would subside…until the next night. After a while, I realized my arm was falling asleep (to the point where I could not feel it for at least half an hour) and made an effort to sleep on the other side. Upon first meeting, I was SO impressed at your knowledge and passion for helping others. Not only that, but your comprehensive review of me showed that you really want to ensure you are helping all of your clients in every facet of their health. It was during this review that you excitedly told me that I was the very first person you had ever diagnosed with “true” carpal tunnel syndrome. I was, again terrified, and you helped to calm all of my fears telling me that you would help me work through it and that it was really treatable. And, you were right. Within three treatments, my fingers no longer tingle at the end of a work day, I am able to sleep on my left side again and I am no longer afraid. Over the short year I have known you, you have made such an amazing impact on my health and my awareness of self. Whether it was an emergency treatment for my sickness so that I could enjoy a beach vacation (which I was leaving on the NEXT day!), or a quick needle during a one hour meeting we were at together, you always had a solution made time to help me out. You are not only an amazing Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine but such a wonderful person, and I am so happy to have met you. Thank you for all that you have done and will continue to do for me. I truly appreciate it!"
AcupunctureBonnie Thompson

Taking the first step because of my sinus problem has turned out to be the most significant journey of my life

"I just had enough! Suffering from sinus problem for over two years and taking antibiotics until they just wouldn’t help. I needed some relief. I decided to seek alternative methods. Luckily my boss knew of Dr. Tanya from a business relationship and gave me her contact information. That was the best thing that ever happened to me. I called her office and talked to her on the phone. She had never seen me before and after discussing my problems, I knew she had the answers. Not only did she relieve my sinus problem until my surgery, she also discovered why I have been suffering from a dizziness problem for over eight years. I had been to three different specialists and a balance and dizziness center which I attended for 2 1/2 years. Nobody knew why it was happening and just told me to learn to live with it. I had to quit my job as a machine operator and go on disability for 6 years. Went back to school and got a diploma so I could try to work in an office environment. This disability changed my life and put me in a state of anxiety. After a few treatments from Dr.Tanya my dizziness has gone. Because she dealt with the whole body we were able to find the blockage and now my body works together instead of fighting itself. My sinuses are on the mend and my body has never felt better. Taking that first step because of my sinus problem has turned out to be the most significant journey of my life. I can never thank her enough for changing my life."
testimonial-beth-fredeenBeth Fredeen

Would recommend her in a heartbeat

"Have you ever thought you were perfectly healthy and any small issues you did have, you could live with? Well that’s what I thought, until I met Dr. Tanya. I realized I didn’t have to be cold all the time, I didn’t need drugs to sleep, I didn’t have to live with chronic bathroom issues, my hair didn’t have to fall out in handfuls, and I could get rid or the pain in my shoulders and the arthritis in my thumbs. And I thought I was healthy! I have received amazing results with this incredible woman and would recommend her in a heartbeat. Dr. Tanya is personable, she listens and understands and is very knowledgable in her field of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine."
Rob Patenaude testimonial review Dr Tanya Kelloway acupunctureRob Patenaude

I have had more consistent sleep in the last month than I have in the last 5 years

"I’m sure we’ve all had a sleepless night or two…perhaps more than a few due to stress or a challenging situation or a problem that we’refacing. Well, I’ve had many, and mostly not for those reasons; I have insomnia.I’ve had it for about 5 years and have learnt how to deal with it; I keep a note pad by the bedside, I can navigate my way through the house in the dark, I meditate, I’ve even attend sleep clinics…which I don’t recommend by the way. Anyway, when I heard Dr. Tanya Kelloway could help with insomnia, I booked an appointment immediately! I started seeing her very soon after that and have had more consistent sleep in the last month than I have in the last 5 years! What a GREAT relief! Additionally, despite a high level of oral hygiene, I’ve always had foul breath. I brush and floss regularly and also have regular dental checkups; all to no avail. I am very conscious of this and usually have mints with me. I found it odd that Dr. Kelloway’s intake form asked about bad breath, but completed it all honestly. It turns out she can treat bad breath aswell! It’s a function of heat in the stomach. I recommend that you drop any misconceptions that you may have about Acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Medicine and ask Dr. Kelloway about any health concerns that you may have. It turns out Chinese herbs can treat almost anything!" I’m a fan; she cares deeply about her patients and also has a very warm, friendly and positive energy.
Lenka Hoffman testimonial review Dr Tanya Kelloway acupunctureLenka Hoffman

It is very important to me that our health professional listens and takes the time to evaluate

"I have only been acquainted with Dr. Tanya Kelloway for a few months when I found my family had a need for her form of non-traditional health care. My daughter struggles with cravings, mood swing and weight loss. As she is young and we are concerned about her health, Tanya offered to meet with us. My daughter found Tanya very easy to talk to and prior to our first meeting had given us a detailed health history form. Tanya explained why she was asking the questions and why they were important. As she started to perform diagnostic tests she also let her know what she was noticing and continued to ask my daughter questions so she felt engaged the whole time. Once Tanya selected the method of treatment, my daughter felt comfortable through the acupuncture treatment and was amazed that it didn’t hurt. Upon our second visit, my daughter reported feeling more energy and less anxiety even though nothing had changed in her daily routine. We are both excited about the early results and are continuing to look forward to the added treatment of herbs and remedies that Tanya has recommended. It is very important to me that our health professional listens and takes the time to evaluate rather than just medicate. My daughter and I would definitely recommend Dr. Tanya Kelloway to others who mention that they are not feeling well or have concern about their health. Thank you Tanya for your care and attention to our family."
Carol Shurink testimonial review Dr Tanya Kelloway acupunctureCarol Schurink

Your passion to help improve quality of life shines like a beacon of light

"I am writing to pass on my thanks for the excellent care and attention with which you have attended to my health concerns. I wish to add that I am very impressed with the knowledge and expertise you possess as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I originally booked an appointment in the hope that you may have some original suggestions as to how to deal with my high stress work life and specific health concerns. Not only did you have specific and helpful remedies for me to try (that have already improved a number of areas) but also you validated my concerns and managed to decrease my stress level even while my work circumstances are still incredibly demanding. You have such a warm and accepting manner and your passionto help improve quality of life shines like a beacon of light. I have left your office much lighter and “unwound”, ready to take on the busy work life awaiting me. I am very grateful for your help and will avidly recommend your services to others."
Doreen Wenham testimonial review Dr Tanya Kelloway acupunctureDoreen Wenham

Caring and Kindness

"When I first walked into the treatment room at Dr. Tanya Kelloway’s office, I felt a sense of peace and security. Tanya’s caring and kindness is very evident in the manner in which she gleans information about what you problem areas are. She thoroughly explains what the placement of the acupuncture needles are supposed to achieve. It doesn’t hurt and it works! So far we have successfully dealt with sleeping problems, water retention, night sweats and sinus problems. Thank you, Tanya, I highly recommend your services."
Anne Cox review testimonial Dr Tanya Kelloway acupunctureAnne Cox

Tanya doesn't claim to "fix you" but to assist you in your own journey to optimal health and well being

I started seeing Tanya for acupuncture before my surgery to repair a prolapsed uterus. Her compassionate care helped prepare me for my surgery & to recovery quickly. Her vast knowledge of anatomy & physiology is a great compliment that allows her to release my many tight muscles quicker & easier than any massage can. She is more than just an acupuncturist, she is a body worker extraordinaire. Best thing is she doesn’t claim to “fix you” but to assist you in your own journey to optimal health & well being.
testimonial-kat-lordKat Lord

I have reached health goals I previously was unable to attain

Dr. Tanya Kelloway has had a major impact on my overall health. Working with her has been a very positive experience for me. Through her expertise I have reached health goals I previously was unable to attain. She has been unfailingly knowledgeable in her ability to determine and address my wellness concerns. Her mastery of traditional Chinese medicine is coupled with her knowledge of Western health practices which creates a harmonious balance between the wisdom of the East and progressiveness of the West in her practice. She is a supportive of her patients, but still retains a welcoming sense of professionalism. In summary, I’ve been happy to work with Dr. Tanya Kelloway and am looking forward to continuing to improve my wellness under her guidance!
Mandie Gillette review testimonial Dr Tanya Kelloway acupunctureMandie Gillette

Dr. Tanya is, without a doubt, a fantastic healer

"Dr. Tanya is one of the most amazing people to have come into my life in the past 3 years. She is one of those rare wonders in that she is a truly genuine healer. In all the time that I have been treated by Dr. Tanya, I have never once felt that my ailments were untreatable or too miniscule. She really takes the time to find the crux of the problem and is not satisfied with just treating the symptoms. I started seeing Tanya after a minor car accident when it was recommended that I have massage treatments. During my massage sessions I discovered that Tanya was studying Acupuncture and TCM, and she suggested that Acupuncture might also help with my recovery. I have never been a big one for needles, but I took the proverbial bull by the horns and I booked into see her at her school clinic. I never looked back! Dr.Tanya’s treatments were phenomenal and over the next year I saw her as often as possible. Not only did she help with tense neck muscles, but she also helped with severe menstruating problems (problems that I went to the emergency department with and they told me nothing was wrong) and long time digestive problems. The icing on the cake however, was when I went to her after she started her own clinic with what I was told was Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I had been advised by two different doctors to change my profession, which is interior painting. This was not something that I could just go and do, as I own my own company. I was completely dissatisfied by their diagnosis and recommendations, but Dr.Tanya assured me that we would find a way to strengthen my wrists. After a couple of sessions with only mild results, she delved even further into the possible cause – the pain was not coming from my wrists at all, it was referred pain from further up my arm! As soon as she started treating my arm muscles, the muscles that I use on a day to day basis painting, the pain lessened, and within only a couple of sessions I was able to use my hands, arms and wrists as if nothing had ever bothered them. This was over a year ago. This is what convinced me that Dr.Tanya is, without a doubt, a fantastic healer. Anyone who wants a more natural and holistic way to be healed would be hard pressed to find a more genuine and talented Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Registered Acupuncturist. Dr. Tanya’s background in massage has left her with a world of knowledge that she is able to incorporate into TCM and Acupuncture. She has been a very integral part in how I look at my body’s health, not only physically, but also mentally. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Tanya to anyone. You will not be disappointed!!!"